The city of Dallas is positively buzzing over a new summer drink at Cultivar Coffee. The drink is called “Mister Pop” and is one of three new signature drinks developed by Jared Hamilton and the team. “It is inspired by Dr. Pepper and a cascara fizz I had at the Blue Bottle Studio in Kyoto,” Hamilton tells us, “Mister Pop is all about nostalgia, there is nothing better on a hot Texas summer day than an ice-cold Dr. Pepper!”

Mister Pop allows the team at Cultivar to showcase the Ground Control Brewer. The base of Mister Pop is a housemade syrup created by batch brewing a coffee concentrate with cacao nibs, fresh nutmeg, and cinnamon. “The Ground Control recipe is a simple three-infusion concentrate recipe,” Hamilton explains. “The brew ratio is 1:4.5 yielding a TDS ~6. Coffee (340g ground fine) is added to a filter-lined basket along with 1 tbs cacao nibs, 1.5 tsp fresh ground nutmeg, and a stick of cinnamon. The brewer utilizes a vacuum to transfer the solution to the holding vessel adding fresh hot water for each additional infusion. This allows us to brew something very strong, sweet, and smooth without extracting all the unwanted flavors.”

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Once the team creates the spice-infused coffee concentrate, they add sugar, maple syrup, cherry juice, and vanilla and bottle the syrup. “We are all about leaning on technology in coffee to increase creativity,” Hamilton says, “enabling us to batch larger quantities of ingredients to have signature drinks that are less tedious, allowing us to deliver better hospitality and speedier service for our guests.”

mister pop

The drink has been a runaway success since its debut on June 1st. “People love it,” says Hamilton, “a lot of people that generally drink espresso, iced coffee, or cold brew are enjoying it. Most of the time, these guests don’t stray away from their regular beverage. The interesting aspect of this drink is it doesn’t taste much like coffee until you are finished, leaving you with a lingering mild coffee flavor. There have been a few scenarios where we give guests a sample, and later that day, they come back to purchase one for themselves!”

The drink is available now through August at Cultivar Coffee locations (East Dallas, Downtown CoMerica Tower).

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