It’s been a booktastic Q4 here at Sprudge.

But First, Coffee—the new book from Sprudge co-founders Jordan Michelman and Zachary Carlsen—is now available wherever fine books are sold. Over the last few months, we have been overjoyed to be hosted at a series of book events around the United States, each more memorable and wonderful than the last. We’ve got more special events in the queue for 2024, so please watch this space for a signing or engagement in your region.

Today we’re sharing with you an update on how to wholesale the new Sprudge book using an easy, convenient website called Porchlight. What began as an independent bookshop in the 1920s is today one of the world’s premiere wholesale distributor of quality books. The company partners with authors and publishers and specializes in direct distribution of books at wholesale pricing. This means cafe owners looking to wholesale our book can purchased multiple copies at a discount from the published MSRP, and sell those copies directly to their customers.

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Click here for But First, Coffee wholesale information on Porchlight.

1 – 24 $17.00 15%
25 – 99 $14.00 30%
100 – 499 $13.00 35%
500 + $12.60 37%

But First, Coffee is the second book from the founders of Sprudge. Our first book,  The New Rules of Coffee, was released in 2018 on Ten Speed Press. We wrote But First, Coffee based on a simple premise: Say you’ve got in your possession a delicious bag of coffee, perhaps gifted by a friend, or acquired from a great coffee cafe in your neighborhood, or else purchased online from a wonderful coffee roasting company. What are all the delicious things you can do with it?

Well—it turns out, the answer is quite a lot! From brewing guides focused on some of our favorite brewing methods, to the thriving world of home espresso enjoyment, to a delicious vast galaxy of implementations from the fridge to the dessert menu to the home cocktail bar, this book has something for everyone and then some. And we really do mean *everyone*—this is a big tent book, inclusive and frequently mirthful and not even remotely snobbish. Reclaim coffee as an ingredient! Coffee is for everyone! Take nothing too seriously!

This book is perfect for someone in your cafe, whether they’re a knowledgable regular or someone shopping for a coffee-loving friend. Thank you for considering wholesaling But First, Coffee in your cafe—we think your guests will love it!

Click here for But First, Coffee wholesale information on Porchlight.

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