For Equator Coffees‘ first cafe’s 10th anniversary, baristas are whipping up a very special Celebration Cake Latte. The Mill Valley outpost known as the Proof Lab will serve this sprinkle-forward espresso-based beverage for one weekend only starting on Thursday, June 22nd. It’s one of many ways Equator Coffees is celebrating the milestone this weekend, capping it off with the Tour d’Equator: Pride Ride in collaboration with Mike’s Bikes on Sunday, June 25th.

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We spoke with the drink’s creator, Equator’s Director Of Coffee Culture, and 2023 Sprudge Twenty honoree Devorah Freudiger digitally to learn more.

Tell us about the Celebration Cake Latte! 
This drink is confetti cake in a cup! Having baked a cake for a 10 year old’s birthday, I can confidently say that more is more. So this drink is EXTRA. It’s a latte with cupcake syrup, it really tastes like butter, sugar, and vanilla. Then we color the milk with food coloring so we can pour rainbow rosettas, top with rainbow sprinkles and we’ve got a real party! Perfect for a ten-year-old’s birthday and Pride.
What kind of coffee is used in it?
We use our Eye of the Tiger Espresso; the cupcake syrup goes well with a chocolatey espresso.
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Should folks drink it before or after the Pride Ride?
I think it’s better as an after-ride treat. A large cup of sweet milk before a long ride doesn’t sound great to me.
That makes sense. How are you, Devorah Freudiger, celebrating this weekend?
Since becoming a mother, I’ve traded parties and parades for drag story hour at the library. This weekend we have a birthday party for a preschooler, but it’s a two-mom household, so maybe this counts as a Pride event?
Absolutely. What has been your fondest memory at Proof Lab?
Too many to count! I loved having a big party when we opened and seeing so many coffee friends cross the bridge to see what we have built. I met Erna Knutsen that weekend! We’ve hosted company holiday parties and a couple of employee birthday celebrations. We did an in-house latte art competition, even though it’s an awkward-shaped bar for a throwdown. But to be honest, my favorite memories are those mundane but special memories that happen at all cafes. Giving someone their first cup of coffee that “doesn’t taste like coffee” or knowing a regular is pregnant before their own family because they switch to decaf.

We love it! Thank you so much.

If you’re in the Bay Area this weekend, stop over to Proof Lab for the Celebration Cake Latte. The drink comes in two sizes—$5.50 (10oz) $6 (16oz). Equator Coffees Proof Lab is located at 244 Shoreline Highway Mill Valley, California.

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