Over the weekend, the US chapter of the Specialty Coffee Association took to the greater Washington DC area to hold the final two Qualifying Events for the 2024 US Coffee Championships: the Brewers Cup and Latte Art took place in Bethesda, MD while the Coffee in Good Spirits took place in DC proper. They join the previous three competitions decided in the Houston Qualifying Event, and now the field for the national round of every competition has been set.

The 42 moving on from this weekend join the 60+ others from a few weeks back for a field of over 100 coffee professionals split across six different disciplines. The winners from the Brewers Cup will be joining those from the Barista Championship and Cup Tasters in Rancho Cucamonga, California next month at Klatch’s Lab and Roastery to determine who will represent the United States at the World Coffee Championships. Erstwhile the winners of the Coffee in Good Spirits and Latte Art competitions will join the Roasters Championship winners to showdown in Chicago in April as part of the SCA Expo.

Here is everyone moving on in the Brewers Cup, Coffee in Good Spirits, and Latte Art Championship from the 2024 Washington DC Qualifying Events.

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brewers cup dc

Brewers Cup

Joseph Burns – Ghost Coffee Collab
Kyle Ramage – Black & White Coffee Roasters
Max Phils – Loveless Coffees
Mariah – Little Waves Coffee Roasters
Marc Chiusano – Flux Coffee
Will Johnson – Fairwave Coffee Collective

Weihong Zhang – BlendIn Coffee Club
Pack Katisomsakul – Newbery Street Coffee Roaster
Jesรบs Iรฑiquez – Archetype Coffee
Andres Jinhan Him – Kumquat Coffee Co
Aaron Kwon – Moongoat Coffee Roasters
Peace Sakulclanuwat – Coffee Project NY
Andy Sprenger – Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters
Vanessa DeGraffenried – Onyx Coffee Lab
Danny Toro – Greater Goods Roasting
Hugo Cano – Amberson Coffee
John Dixon – Mad Black Coffee
Arsalan Pourmond – Flux Coffee
Andres Morales – Coffee Project NY
Josh Clements – Amberson Coffee

cigs dc

Coffee in Good Spirits

Reynalyn Callejo – Olympia Coffee
Hugo Cano – Amberson Coffee
Kaley Gann – Ceremony Coffee Roasters
Louis Elguera – Cosmic Bloom Coffee
Glen Ackerman – Demitasse Coffee Roasters
Trevor Clark – Counter Culture Coffee
Edwin Gorritz – Barista Squared
Christian Dennis- Queenstown Cafe
Arda Barlas – Boxx Coffee Roasters
Sam Miers – Topeca Coffee

latte art dc

Latte Art Championship

Piyapat “Flook” Lapteerawut – Coffee Project NY
Enderson Vargas – Olor Coffee Bar
Truc Ngo – Boxx Coffee Roasters
Joe Yang – Artly Coffee
Maquis Monzon – Mongo’s Coffee Roaster & Lounge
Camilo Sanchez – Red House Roasters
Xavier Rivera – Barista Squared
Kayla Herrera – Iconik Coffee
Rose Butler – Zen Coffee Company
Gerald Roldan – Barista Squared
Marcus Dukes – Medina River Coffee
Eric Tobar – Three Keys Coffee

Congratulations to all those moving on!

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