The La Marzocco Linea Mini has become the most coveted home espresso machine on the market. Released in 2015, the Linea Mini is the home version of the cafe workhorse by the same name, harnessing many of the same features of the cafe stalwart and certainly using its design language. Now, nine years later, it was time for a rethink, and the new-look Linea Mini has some serious new features under the hood to match the redesigned exterior.

Announced Wednesday, February 14th, the first thing you’ll notice about the Linea Mini is the more modern, beefier profile. New aesthetic features include soft-touch accessories to enhance the tactile experience as well as something La Marzocco refers to as the “Della Pietra curve” (named after Stefano Della Prieta, a product designer at La Marzocco). But more than just an updated counter profile, which is honestly enough to ramp up the covet quotient, the list of thoughtful new features is not to be overshadowed.

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The new Linea Mini includes a built-in shot timer and a revamped cool-touch steam wand with a “PEEK polymer tip.” The update Mini also features an easy pressure adjustment, allowing users to fine-tune the pump pressure without getting into the machine’s internals. The pre-infusion system has received an update, a “two valve pre-infusion system [that] offers soft saturation and a self-cleaning flow restrictor.” Throw-in Brew-by-Weight scale compatibility and integration with La Marzocco’s Home App, and Linea Mini brings more commercial-level power to the home experience.

Retailing for $5,900 and still handmade in Florence, Italy, the updated Linea Mini comes in color options including black, white, red, yellow, grey, light blue, and stainless steel. For more information, a full list of features or to order the re-imagined Linea Mini, visit La Marzocco Home’s official website.

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