Giesen is excited to announce the much-anticipated release of Giesen Profiler 2.0, available now. This extensive software update promises to redefine the approach to coffee roasting, empowering roasters with great control and flexibility. Giesen Profiler 2.0 stands for a complete reimagination of the software, driven by collaboration with coffee roasters to meet their evolving needs. The result is a user-centric platform designed to enhance functionality and user-friendliness, elevating the coffee roasting experience to new heights.

The core of this update lies in the redevelopment of the software, delivering unmatched performance and precision. Giesen Profiler 2.0 excels in optimizing automated roasting procedures, providing users with greater flexibility in controlling their Giesen coffee roaster. Roasters can now fine-tune profiles with pinpoint accuracy, adjusting parameters such as silo feed regulation and enabling or disabling GCC or destoner functionalities.

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Key improvements in Giesen Profiler 2.0:

  • Smooth Performance: The new engine ensures a smoother and more stable performance compared to the previous version.
  • Split-Screen Charts: Users can now customize charts to their preferences, including the ability to place two profiles behind each other for easier comparison.
  • Enhanced Design Features: Giesen Profiler 2.0 offers more options for personalizing the interface, including customizing colors and line widths.
  • Future-Proof Interface: The new back-end structure makes the software more adaptable for future feature additions.
  • User-Friendly Editor: The redesigned editor offers a more intuitive experience with increased adjustability.
  • Trigger Functionalities: The trigger functionalities have been greatly improved and expanded to enhance usability and create more possibilities for your roast profiles.

User-friendliness is a cornerstone of Giesen Profiler 2.0, with the system undergoing significant updates to provide users with a tailored experience. Customization options for charts, colors, and line thicknesses ensure that each roaster can craft their preferred workspace with ease. To experience the features of Giesen Profiler 2.0, users can upgrade for free if they have previously purchased Profiler. For new users, a 14-day trial is available, allowing them to explore the software’s capabilities firsthand.

For more information about Giesen Profiler 2.0 and pricing details, please visit the Giesen website at Technical support is also available through the Giesen service portal.

About Giesen
Giesen is a leading manufacturer of coffee roasting equipment, known for its commitment to innovation and quality craftsmanship. With a focus on empowering coffee roasters with cutting-edge technology, Giesen continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of coffee roasting.

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