Oklahoma City, OK 1/29/2024 — In a world where mobile applications clutter screens and ordering has become tedious, Barista Bot is a simple and convenient solution for coffee enthusiasts and café owners alike. With the launch of its groundbreaking text-based ordering system, Barista Bot aims to streamline the coffee ordering process and revolutionize customer experiences.

Sam DuRegger, the founder of Barista Bot, has made a career out of building mobile apps but sees an opportunity in an age of app fatigue, as most phones are bloated with rarely used apps.  Reflecting on the cluttered screens and complexity of existing ordering apps, Barista Bot presents a seamless solution that integrates directly with messaging platforms, making ordering as easy as texting a friend.

“At Barista Bot, our mission is clear: to simplify the ordering experience while enhancing operational efficiency for coffee shops,” said Sam. “We recognize the need for a solution that resonates with customers and café owners, and our text-based ordering system is conversational, convenient, and fun!”

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Barista Bot’s innovative features include emoji-based order recognition, personalized order history, and seamless integration with point-of-sale systems. During a six-month trial period at a local Oklahoma City coffee shop, Barista Bot outperformed traditional ordering apps by a staggering 35%, demonstrating its potential in the market.

“We’ve witnessed firsthand the positive impact Barista Bot can have on customers and café operations,” Sam added. “By automating order collection and payment processing, Barista Bot empowers baristas to focus on crafting exceptional lattes and delivering quality service to every customer.”

As Barista Bot prepares to expand its reach, the company secured pre-seed funding from the Oklahoma Seed Capital Fund and Accelerate Oklahoma Fund. It seeks a Seed Round to enhance its infrastructure and integrate with additional messaging platforms and point-of-sale systems.

“Founders like Sam DuRegger epitomize the ideal candidates for Bridge2, bringing not just visionary ideas but also a relentless commitment to simplifying and enhancing customer experiences.” Barista Bot’s participation in i2E’s inaugural cohort of Bridge2 has been instrumental in shaping its trajectory towards innovation and success. We’re immensely grateful for Barista Bot’s contribution to our program and excited to witness its continued growth and impact in revolutionizing the coffee industry and beyond,” commented Shannon Carr, Communications Director of i2E, Inc.

“We’re excited to embark on this journey and explore opportunities for growth and expansion,” Sam remarked. “As we enter the seed funding round, we remain committed to delivering innovative solutions that redefine the future of ordering in the coffee industry and beyond.”

To experience the simplicity of Barista Bot’s text-based ordering system, interested parties in Oklahoma City are invited to join the pilot program by texting “hi” to 405-363-1989.

For more information about Barista Bot and its revolutionary ordering solutions, please visit https://baristabot.app.

About Barista Bot
Barista Bot is a product of Espresso+ Milk, LLC, a technology company dedicated to simplifying the ordering experience through innovative text-based solutions. By leveraging advanced natural language processing technology and conversational UX design, Barista Bot aims to transform how customers interact with their favorite coffee shops while enhancing operational efficiency for café owners.

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