Coffee roasting takes another leap forward as Cropster proudly announced the official launch of Roasting Intelligence 5 (RI5) in January 2024. This release marks a pivotal moment in Cropster’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of coffee roasting technology, shaped by the valuable feedback from its dedicated global community of roasters.

Cropster’s Roasting Intelligence has long been a trusted ally for roasters worldwide, but with RI5, the company introduces a new era of possibilities. At the heart of RI5 is a dedication to a user-friendly experience, ensuring a seamless transition for roasters while enhancing efficiency.

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Key features of RI5 include:

  • More Flexibility on Profile Ratios: Empowering roasters with greater control over profile customization.
  • Reorder Measurements: Simplifying the organization of data for a more intuitive experience.
  • Discover Curves’ Values with Precision: A hands-on approach to understanding roast curves.
  • Seamless upgrade: Simply download, login and start roasting with no risk to data or expensive coffees
  • Replay Sliders: A dynamic tool allowing roasters to revisit and fine-tune roast profiles.
  • Detachable Sidebars: Offering enhanced focus by collapsing sections, allowing users to concentrate more on the roasting process.
  • Two-Column Pre-Roast Layout: Streamlining the roasting workflow for increased efficiency.
  • Enhanced Shortcuts: Streamlining navigation for a more efficient roasting experience.

Cropster’s commitment to evolution is evident in the careful consideration given to user feedback. Beta testers lauded the clean and easy-to-understand interface of RI5, emphasizing its adaptability to various screen sizes. Importantly, the transition from the previous version, RI4, was reported as seamless, with users expressing satisfaction at not missing familiar features.The conservative approach to change in RI5, as highlighted by beta testers, ensures a safeguard against disruptions to the delicate process of roasting expensive coffee. The strategic introduction of features, coupled with a user-friendly design, caters to both seasoned roasters and those less technologically savvy, emphasizing simplicity in the intricate task of coffee roasting.

Stay tuned for upcoming updates as Cropster continues to innovate, promising further advancements to shape the future of roast profiling. Roasters are encouraged to update to RI5 now, embracing a new era in coffee roasting technology.

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About Cropster
Cropster is a leading provider of coffee roasting software, dedicated to empowering roasters worldwide with cutting-edge technology and a commitment to continuous improvement.

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