This week, Oakland’s modern Italian coffee house The Caffè by Mr. Espresso introduces the Vietnamese Egg Coffee created by Chef Denise Huynh of Tay Ho as part of The Caffè’s ongoing chef collaboration series. The drink is available now through Saturday, March 2, 2024.

Chef Huynh’s Vietnamese Egg Coffee is made with an egg yolk custard (egg yolks whipped with condensed milk) and combined with house brewed coffee and a shot of espresso.

“This drink represents the resourcefulness and creativity of the Vietnamese people,” says Chef Huynh. “It came about during the milk shortages during the war, and voilà, they came up with this amazing concoction that combines coffee and eggs.” For Chef Huynh, it’s a nostalgic reminder of her upbringing and her dad’s love for coffee. “We used to roast our own beans and explore these cozy little coffee shops on the streets. It’s a part of Vietnamese culture. We have this incredible ability to make the most out of what we have available, using simple ingredients, to create something unique and bursting with flavor. It’s a true testament to our resourcefulness and ingenuity. So, Vietnamese egg coffee is not just a drink to me. It’s a whole experience that connects me to my roots and the vibrant traditions of Vietnamese culture.”

As with all of the chef collaborations at The Caffè, 10% of sales of this drink will go to Oakland’s Community Kitchens.

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