North Portland newcomer Hypnos Coffee opened its doors in late October and has become a welcome addition to the city’s robust coffee scene. Co-Founders Michael Taylor and Andres Echeverria have created a warm, inviting space on Williams Avenue serving a selection of baked goods from Jen’s Pastries PDX, and coffees from Coava Coffee served on a Slayer Steam LP.

Some have called the space minimal but I disagreeโ€”one shouldn’t mistake well-appointed with minimal. Taylor and Echeverria worked with Imperial Cabinets & Millwork to build their custom bar with warm wood and marble, with floral designs by Ruysch, classic bistro lighting, and an attention-grabbing John Singer Sargent painting on the wall.


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Michael Taylor and Andres Echeverria have put as much thought into their menu as they have the space, with thoughtful signature beverages created and executed by Echeverria and their team. For the winter season, they’ve introduced three new offerings, including an exquisite Spiced Pear Latte.

“Inspired by traditional French poached pear desserts, the Spiced Pear Latte is the right balance of sweetness,” says Taylor. “We wanted to create something unique, and highlight a flavor I grew up with every winter. Made with fresh pear and spiced with Star Anise to create a wonderfully smooth and warming latte. The Spiced Pear Latte offers a great cozy escape from this cold and rainy season.”

The latte is made by simmering fresh organic pear puree, raw sugar, and star anise. “It is then further cooked down until it’s a beautiful smooth sauce,” explains Taylor, “we combine this sauce with our single-origin espresso and your milk of choice, served hot or iced.”

All of the syrups at Hypnos Coffee are made in house, and developed by Andres Echeverria. “Andres loves combining unique ingredients that invoke French and European inspired flavors, while taking into account how it complements both our espresso and our existing menu,” says Taylor.


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The drink itself is a beautiful, well-balanced sweet treat. When asked how their guests are reacting, Taylor tells us they are “delightfully surprised to find out how well pear pairs with coffee! Some say they would’ve never thought to combine fruit and coffee, but find themselves really enjoying it. They are loving that it’s not overly sweet and that you can actually taste the pear. They also love how the star anise perfectly complements the pear without overpowering it. The perfect balance of sugar, spice, and everything pear!”

The Spiced Pear Latte is available in both 12 and 16oz, hot or iced. The 12oz starts at $6 and the 16oz is $6.50. Hypnos Coffee is located at 3761 N Williams Ave, Portland, OR 97227. Visit them on Facebook and check out Hypnos Coffee on Instagram.

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