“Swiftie” and “situationship” are both fantastic new words, but, they just didn’t muster the same charm or charisma for the dusty suits at Oxford Dictionary’s coveted 2023 Word of the Year.

One word did thoughโ€””rizz“โ€”and now you too can enjoy that rizz, in drink form.

“Just in time for the cold December weather here in Seattle, we got something to get you literally hot under the collar,” explains owner James Lim. “In honor of Oxford’s 2023 Word of the Year, we would like to present, The Rizz.”

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“It’s a little sweet, it’s a little spicy, it’ll keep you up at night… it’s got that Rizz.”

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“[The Rizz] derives its spice from gochugaru,” Lim tells us. “We use our house-made dark chocolate sauce for the baseline, then our gochugaru syrup brings in a savory type of spiciness as opposed to just plain heat. The heat dissipates pretty quickly which we find is better than lingering, this allows the drink to be enjoyed every sip versus blowing out your palate.”

At its core, it’s a spicy mocha kicked up several notches with the inclusion of both a rich, house dark chocolate sauce and their house-made gochugaru syrup.

Spicy anything can be polarizing in beverage formโ€”and the team at Watson’s Counter have heard folks say both “it’s legit spicy, I like it,” and “it’s really spicy, I hate it,” with undecided drinkers in the middle who usually say something like, “ooh, interesting!”

james lim watsons counter seattle rizz sprudge on the menu00003

The drink launched Wednesday, December 6th and will stay on the menu throughout the season. $6.10 for an 8oz, $6.60 (12oz), $7.10 (16oz). The Rizz is available at Watson’s Counter in Seattle, Washington.

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Photos by James Lim.